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Monday, February 22, 2010

What do you want? What makes you happy?

I need to try some new recipes and am interested in your favorites. I'll always have my signature pies, cookies, and biker bars but what really puts a smile on your face? I know dessert breads can be yummy. My cinnamon rolls fly off the table. Mini cupcakes are super cute and tastey. What do YOU think?

Here's what's new this week: I'm making berry cream cheese coffeecake for this week's market and will focus on a variety of coffeecakes for the coming markets. You can choose from a whole coffeecake for your family or by the slice to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee. Over the past couple of years I've made blueberry, pecan crunch, apple walnut streusel, and cinnamon sour cream. All are quite yummy and you can look for these in coming weeks.

What else is a popular sweet indulgence? What's your favorite? What do you want to see at the markets or available to order?

I want to hear from you so send me your comments and e-mails!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweets for Valentine Sweeties

Friends Zoe and Janessa enjoyed some mini cupcakes for Valentine's Day at the Worthington Winter Farmers' Market this past Saturday. We had a nice crowd who came out and braved the cold weather to pick up their purchases. Thanks to everyone for coming!

And for Valentines' Day my pies always have to be pretty.........


There's nothing like a snowday to get me motivated to bake something just for my family, clean up the kitchen, and organize all the cookbooks and inspirational magazines that I've accumulated. I look outside and see the huge icicles hanging from the roof and the constant falling snow and I know I will surely appreciate spring this year. I know my husband Jim will too as he works for ODOT and has been working many 12 hour shifts plowing the roads in northern Licking County. Winter is beautiful but...come on..enough is enough!!

Here is a fun Snowman Family from Worthington