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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sue's Kitchen aka Pickin' Chix @ The Rural Society Antique & Garden Show

                           Mark your calendars Ladies and Gentlemen!
    On October 14&15 there will be a fabulous antique and garden show just north of Mt. Vernon at a beautiful farm owned by Page Price. If you like ANTIQUES, vintage, re-purposed, garden decor, plants, dried nature, delicious food, and just plain everyday country, than this is the show for you.

    Check "The Rural Society Antique and Garden Show" on facebook for all the details including dates/times, vendor list, and directions. There will be such a collection of talented, creative people there!

     My friend, Bee Katz, and I will be there as our alter egos, the "Pickin' Chix". We will have everyday antiques that have been loved through the years: re-purposed antiques (i.e. old farmhouse doors made into headboards, rolled paper wreathes from old hymnals); vintage recipe boxes filled with handwritten dessert recipes, vintage blank recipe cards and cooper cookie cutter-fabulous gifts for that baker in your life; pretty cake plates made from vintage glassware; Bittersweet bunches; pillows made from felted woolens and re-purposed sweaters; gorgeous chalkboards from antique picture frames; mantiques (very cool tool chests); picnic baskets; unique fall decor using everyday items and so much more.
      Did I mention we will also have some GOODIES for you? Sue's Kitchen will have personal size Pecan Pies and Cowtown Candies will have FUDGE (peanut butter, chocolate and one more kind). A girl has to have her sweet fix, don't ya know!

      We are still working on our finds and getting organized. We hope to see you there!