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Friday, February 3, 2012

Escape to Ann Arbor

     Well, this time last year Sara and I did a whirlwind tour of bakeries in NYC. I think we hit 10 or 12 in all, sampling something at each one. I'll have to check my posting to remember where all we went. Anyway, this year the tradition continues but in a different locale-Ann Arbor! Ann Arbor is home of the famous Zingerman's Delicatessen. WOW! The pastries, candy, gelato, meats, cheeses, artisan breads-it is truly Foodie Heaven!! They roast their own coffee to go with the delicious looking cakes like in the picture-featured are their Hummingbird and Carrot cakes. Since I'm off sweets for awhile we enjoyed a skinny chocolate mint coffee-so good. Maybe next time I'll have a scone...or a piece of pie.....or cake....or gelato :)
     Just outside of Ann Arbor is Chelsea, home of Jiffy. I love their cornbread mix for making muffins-so good and simple to make. Wonder if the huge silo is full of cornbread mix? Hmmmm-I'll have to ask next time. 
     We LOVE LOVE hitting small town restaurants and found a great place in Zou Zou's in Chelsea. They had a large menu and everything is made fresh daily: scones, soups, ciabatta, chicken salad, quiches. We enjoyed the Tomato Tortellini Soup and Chicken Salad sandwiches all freshly made by the owner that morning. Everyone was super friendly and you could tell they were regulars-that says a lot about a place in my book. Right across the street is a great little Mexican restaurant called Las Fuentes where we enjoyed a rather tastey margarita, delicious guac and chicken fajitas for dinner.

     I missed the Farmer's Market this time-it's held on Saturday mornings during the winter. Those crazy people hold it OUTSIDE! That's a posting for another day.
     Valentine's Day is coming and I'm planning lots of baking-call me if you need something for your sweetie!