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Thursday, June 17, 2010

To All You Dads.........

This Sunday we pay tribute to our Dad and honor him for all he means to us. Remember to send a card, make a phone call, and spend time with your Dad. Tell him you love him and how much he means to you.

If you need a stack of Chocolate Chip cookies, your Dad's favorite fresh baked pie (I'll have all flavors of fruit pies) come to the Granville Farmers' Market Saturday. I'm sure we can fix you up with a delicious tribute for Dad :)

Are you a Hard Core Berry Picker?

The other morning I was out bright and early taking a walk and I scoped out some beautiful black raspberries growing along the road. I about ran home to get my pail to come back and pick them.

For those of you who have never picked berries or who typically visit berry patches to pick, let me educate you on the fine art of "hard core" berry picking. It involves bug spray, long sleeves, long pants and long socks. it doesn't matter if it is 90 degrees outside-that's why you pick in the morning. Don't be afraid of grandaddy long leg spiders, bees, mosquitoes, small varmints or the possibility of seeing or stepping on snakes. If you can't stand to be scratched by thorns and hate to sweat-you may as well forget it now.

Lastly, your hands will be berry purple for awhile so you should hold off on getting that French manicure.

Oh more thing. If you get poison ivy you are out of luck. Better get your berries already picked.

I was able to get 2 quarts of beautiful black raspberries that morning and am looking forward to picking more. There will be Black Raspberry pies at the Granville Farmers' market this week-fresh from my roadside adventure. See you there!