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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baking a LOT!!

     As you can see by the above picture, Sue's Kitchen is busy baking fresh pies and cookies for customers at the Westerville and Granville Farmers' Markets. I can't begin to add up the many dozens of cookies my oven produces each week and I can only guess there's about 40 pies each week. Then there's muffins, brownies, Biker bars, cinnamon rolls and whatever else I decide sounds good.

      Strawberry season is about over, as well as rhubarb....But the cherries are coming on and soon we will have Lodi apples and peaches....and berries!!

      Remember, I can hold back a pie or two if you call or e-mail me ahead of time. The pies go fast!!  See you at the market!

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