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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Being a Hard Core Berry Picker...Take 2

     About this time last year I wrote about how to pick berries in the country...usually along the roadside or in the fields. Well, again this year I was out picking the coveted black raspberries and found myself in the rain with bugs all around. By the time I was done picking I was drenched (despite a rain jacket and rubber boots)...good thing it was warm. I swore to myself if anyone a wanted a #%@*&# black raspberry pie they would pay dearly for it.

     Then I decided I would not make any pies out of these berries!! I would make jam and share it with my family and friends. My good friend, Les Foor shared a case of jelly jars like the one in the picture-so he will be the first to get a jar. Hope you don't mind the seeds, Les!!

     The bucket in the picture has been used by myself, my Mom and my grandparents for MANY years to pick berries in. I can remember using it probably 45 years ago. It's handy because it's deep and has a bale to put your arm through so you can pick with two hands.

     I hope the purple stains wear off my hands before I go pick again in a couple days. The taste of that yummy jam sure is worth it though!!

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